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Five Frugal Things I worked the past two days and brought my lunch both days, even though this meant taking one for the team with an impressively bruised banana and some dull enchilada leftovers that were probably a...

Escape One, Version Two: Zen Tiny House on Wheels This is the second version of the Escape One zen tiny house on wheels by Escape, a tiny house builder in Wisconsin. We showed you Version One back in April, but this new video tour below shows some...

The Barton Ranch Model by Sasquatch Custom Homes This is the Barton Ranch Model by Sasquatch Custom Homes in Magnolia, Texas. The house features a loft bedroom, kitchen / living area and a bathroom. I really love the story about how this first mode...

Live-Edge Beetle Kill Gooseneck by Alpine Tiny Homes This is the latest from Alpine Tiny Homes in Utah: A live-edge beetle kill tiny home on a 28 ft. gooseneck. The home, built for an an artist, features both a loft kid’s bedroom (with under-be...

Grain-Free Vegan Berry Crisp Recipes Vegan berry crisp with 3 types of berries. It's naturally sweetened, with a crispy, grain-free topping! The perfect plant-based, gluten-free summer dessert!

Natural Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality I'm a 20-something year old who got out of $60,000 of debt in 18 months, earning $65,000 (gross) a year, using my handy budgeting tool. This is more of a lifestyle blog with hint of money management talk and how it applies to our lives, like a moneyt

570 Sq. Ft. British Columbia Small Foundation Home Plans These are the plans to the 570 sq. ft. British Columbia small foundation home. It’s designed by Robinson Residential, and if you are looking for something to put on land, this home might be i...

The Auburn: Cabinscape Ontario Tiny House Vacation This is the Auburn, a tiny house vacation property built by Cabinscape in Central Frontenac, Ontario, Canada. The company will launch another model to rent this summer, but right now you can book y...

Nate’s 24′ Tiny House in West Virginia for Sale This is Nate’s 24′ tiny house that’s for sale in Clarksburg, West Virginia for $45,000. The cute home features a great living / entertainment area, cedar siding and all Samsung appl...

The Ptarmigan: 12 ft. Wide Single Floor THOW This is The Ptarmigan, a single-level tiny home custom-built by Rewild Homes in British Columbia. What’s unique about this THOW is that it’s just over 12 ft. wide, meaning you’d n...

The Tiny House Community of Bend, Oregon Central Oregon is brimming with self-starters, alternative lifestyles and every kind of outdoor activity you can imagine. So it is no surprise that the tiny house movement is flourishing here. On our recent tiny house road trip stop to the area, we q

24′ Gooseneck Yet another tiny house beauty built by Tiny House Chattanooga. This one is completely custom and built on a gooseneck trailer.

Forest Bathing: 5 Simple Ways to Stress Less and Smile More When I want to slow my mind, let go of a long day or seek more joy in my life, I step into the forest. Getting my feet on the dirt and letting the green of the trees and warmth of the sunlight wash over me, works every time. I always come out of the.

The Bunkhouse: New Model from Uncharted Tiny Homes This is the Bunkhouse, a new 310 sq. ft. model from Uncharted Tiny Homes in Arizona that’s built on a 30 ft. gooseneck trailer. This particular tiny home we built for one of our clients is be...

26 Ft. Blue Tiny House RV For Sale, St. Louis This is a 26 ft. Blue Tiny House RV that’s for sale by owner in St. Louis for $35,000. The house was originally built by Tiny Idahomes, and features a loft bedroom, office nook, living space...

32′ by 12′ Stunning Wasted Time Tiny House Wasted Time LLC is a tiny house company in Southern Louisiana that builds beautiful tiny homes with stunning interior (and exterior!) woodworking. I use the term “hobbit” too much, but...

Alan Graham and the Tiny House Gun and Knife Club Tiny Houses are often offered up as a solution to homelessness. And while the Podcast Crew may have varying opinions on the subject, we can all agree that our guest this week has the best idea we’ve heard yet. No so long ago, Alan Graham left the c

Creative Exercise: Physical Variety Can Make You Happier Routines are dull. What you really need is a creative exercise (not) routine. Studies show you'll be happier and more motivated to keep in shape.

Man Inspired By A Near-Death Experience Is On A Personal Quest To Reforest Our Planet In 1991, arborist David Milarch had a near-death experience that inspired a personal quest to reforest our planet. He would harvest the genetics of the worlda€™s oldest trees, initiate tree-planting efforts to combat climate change, and help restor

June Happy Links: Thru-Hiking Will Break Your Heart Hi all, Below are 10 happy links that inspired me this month. I hope you enjoy them, too! 1. I discovered Carrot Quinn&#8217...

Embrace your inner granny with Rebecca Sullivan Granny skills go deeper than bread baking and darning socks, and in this fun episode I chat with the movement's founder, Rebecca Sullivan.

Student's zero-waste architecture is grown with 'mushroom sausages This designer has developed a technique where strong and lightweight structures are cultivated with mycelium and cardboard.

20′ Tiny House Ostara by Baluchon This is the 20′ Tiny House Ostara by French builder Baluchon, created for Nathalie and Sebastien, and named after the stable near their new tiny home. It’s actually built on a 6 meter t...

Interview (& Video): Jadon and Katie’s Good and Tiny House This is Jadon and Katie’s Good and Tiny House that I first saw featured on Jenna’s Tiny House Giant Journey. I included Jenna’s video tour of the house below the pictures, and I a...

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